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The LINKAGES Thailand project seeks to improve access to, and uptake of, community-based health services for members of key populations at risk of HIV infection, in order to reduce risk behaviors and increase health-seeking for HIV testing, treatment and/or HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. Transgender women (TG) are a population of particular interest to the LINKAGES project, as these individuals are often at higher risk for HIV infection but have limited access to, and lower uptake of, appropriate services to protect their health. The Technical Officer position provides responsive, high-quality technical leadership, manages technical assistance, and ensures the quality of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment interventions conducted by community-based implementing partners and focusing specifically on TG women (including TG sex workers).

+ Participate in the design, implementation and monitoring of community-level HIV prevention, testing and treatment interventions targeting TG/TGSW, in close collaboration with LINKAGES Thailand staff.
+ Work with project officers to provide targeted technical assistance, in collaboration with LINKAGES technical partners, for community-based organizations across 9 Thai provinces providing outreach, testing and/or treatment services for TG/TGSW with the goal of increasing coverage and service uptake among these populations.
+ Conduct regular field review of service delivery for TG/TGSW populations and provide targeted feedback for quality improvement purposes.
+ Work with the M&E team to regularly monitor and evaluate outcome of TG/TGSW interventions and progress toward expected programmatic targets. Participate in high-frequency data reviews for TG/TGSW partners with relevant project and technical officers.
+ Provide technical inputs in term of developing research protocol related to transgender people including implementation and participant enrollment and data dissemination in partnership with Thai Red Cross Tangerine Community Health Clinic.
+ Support the TO-SBCC for the development, testing and implementation of communications and demand generation strategies and activities targeting TG/TGSW audiences.
+ Serve as LINKAGES Thailand’s focal point for planning and coordination of national- and regional-level activities targeting TG/TGSW populations, including regional technical meetings or consultations and community events such as IDAHOT.
+ Collaborate with other technical specialists and stakeholders beyond the project to ensure coordination of HIV prevention, testing and treatment strategies and activities targeting TG/TGSW populations and to avoid duplication and overlap.
+ Remain informed on regional and global best practices regarding HIV prevention, testing and treatment for TG/TGSW populations and disseminate information and resources to LINKAGES Thailand staff and partners as appropriate.
+ Provide technical review and inputs for knowledge management products (academic publications, technical briefs etc.) with regards to TG/TGSW populations.
+ Contribute to regular quarterly and annual reporting.
+ Other duties as assigned.
+ Establishes good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community partners, donors, governments, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the organization and the project.
+ Builds relationships with non-affiliated public and private-sector treatment, care and support service organizations.
+ Interacts with national government, non-government organizations and international donor agencies to ensure the development of quality HIV/AIDS intervention and research programs.
+ Represents FHI 360 and makes presentations at professional meetings and conferences.
+ Communicates with stakeholders to keep them informed of the work of the organization and identifies changes required to ensure high quality programming.
+ Liaises with in-country GFATM/WHO/UNAIDS/ UNICEF/ UNDP and other relevant agencies to share information and to stimulate joint design and implementation of country level interventions.
+ Provides regular technical mentorship and capacity building to program staff, implementing agencies, government agencies, other organizations with emphasis on expanding coverage and increasing service uptake (and service quality) for TG/TGSW populations.
+ Program planning and administration: ensures that the programs and services offered by the organization contribute to the organization's mission and reflect the priorities of the program.
+ Collaborates with other FHI 360 Technical and Program officers to develop mutually reinforcing comprehensive interventions that complement FHI’s regional and global strategies.
+ Markets FHI 360 capabilities and prepare proposals for funding. Performs other related duties as

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