Safety Technician

TRU (Kamloops BC, Canada) 7 days ago

NOTE:  This position is subject to review by the Joint Job Evaluation Committee

Performs safety, biosafety chemical and emergency management duties in accordance with Institutional Safety and Emergency Management programs and appropriate regulations and legislation.


  1. Assists the Manager of S&EM with the development, implementation and maintenance of institutional safety programs including policies and components such as WHMIS, chemical management, Hazardous Materials Management, Inspections.

  2. Conducts risk assessments, audits and inspections to assess the effectiveness of the Biosafety, laboratory and OH&S safety programs and to confirm compliance with regulatory, facility and operations requirements; identifies and documents deficiencies; prepares reports and maintains a documentation database.

  3. Participates in investigations and assists in establishing  hazard criteria for existing or potential high-risk occurrences and discusses with the appropriate internal managers the significance of the observations; recommends corrective measures to eliminate or minimize the risks involved and follows up on recommendations.

  4. Administers and monitors the effectiveness and proper use of personal protective equipment for TRU personnel to ensure protection from physical, chemical and biological hazards. This includes supporting the Safety Officer with fit testing and education. 

  5. Supports and administers the Hazardous Materials program which includes inventory management (MSDS database/chemical management), storage as well as collection and disposal of hazardous waste.

  6. Develops and maintains a chemical management system, including auditing of compliance and training of key stakeholders on process and requirements. 

  7. Develops, implements and instructs pro-active safety education and training programs (i.e. laboratory safety, spill cleanup, hazardous material awareness, chemical safety and biosafety for all TRU personnel).

  8. Serves as a member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee as well as various internal safety committee such as the Science & Health Science Safety Committee and the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee.

  9. Recommends to the Manager the cessation of work methods or situations that are not in compliance with TRU Policy and Legislative requirements.  If individuals are exposed to an immediate danger which could result in serious injury, disease or death.

  10. Initiates, coordinates, plans and develops orientation and safety training (including training material such as: laboratory and biosafety manuals, online training materials, presentations and assessment tools) for new student and employee researchers – specifically all level 2 restricted lab areas.  Also provides individual orientation to specific instrumentation.

  11. Promotes and monitors compliance with applicable legislation (including the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act [HPTA], Human Pathogens and Toxins Regulations [HPTR], HAA, and HAR and OHS Regulations), conditions of license and applicable conditions of animal pathogen import permits; applicable biosafety and biosecurity standards, and the Biosafety Manual and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  12. Works with the Manager Health Safety and Environment to develop and maintain documentation and records related to biosafety and or laboratory safety including: biosafety manual, biosecurity plans, chemical safety manual, chemical management procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs), WHMIS, etc. 

  13. Acts as a resource person to all faculties and departments on the implementation of the Biosafety and other Laboratory safety programs; monitors practices relating to purchase, culture, use, storage and disposal of chemical and biohazardous materials.

  14. Works with the Manager to conduct audits and inspections to assess the effectiveness of the Biosafety and laboratory safety programs and to confirm compliance with facility and operational requirements; identifies and documents deficiencies; and prepares reports and maintains a documentation database.

  15. Under the direction of the Emergency Manager/Manager Health Safety and Environment, assists with initiatives to plan for and respond to biohazardous and hazardous material spills; liaises with internal and external emergency responders to ensure common understanding; responds during emergencies involving biohazardous and hazardous materials to assess risks, direct safe responses; and ensure appropriate reporting to federal and provi

  16. ncial regulators.

  17. Assists the Manager in the review and editing of legal documents such as Material Transfer Agreements for use by faculty in external research and/or commercial partnerships involving biological materials. Attends related meetings to provide advice and counsel in order to maintain regulatory compliance throughout the process.


Manager, Health, Safety & Environment

Safety Technician

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