Training and Development Staff

DSL Indonesia (Tangerang BT, Indonesia) 10 days ago

Company Trainer duties to help employees develop their skills and knowledge. You will provide complete training to share your expertise in a way that motivates others. Company trainers are experienced educators. Your ability to deliver messages should only be surpassed by in-depth knowledge of your field. Organizational skills and positive attitudes are important qualities that you must possess. The goal is to increase efficiency and competitive advantage by developing personnel skills.

Corporate Trainers are specialists responsible for increasing company productivity by teaching employees new skills and knowledge. They use seminars, lectures, and team exercises to update employees about company goals and procedures. Also referred to as a Technical Trainer.

The ideal candidate must be a great communicator with the ability to effectively portray complicated ideas to different audiences. You must be very organized, good at time management, and have excellent public speaking skills.

Critical Thinking: Company trainers must develop or assess material that will help employees understand the subjects taught. The trainer must understand the needs of employees and assess what will work.

Decision Making: Corporate trainers must decide on the best program to train their employees and meet the needs of the organization.

Communication Skills: Company trainers need to speak to groups of employees, talk privately with individuals, report to management and meet with vendors. They must be friendly, clear, and strong speakers.

Liaise with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions
Design an effective training program
Conduct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions etc.
Prepare educational materials such as module summaries, videos etc.
Support and guide new employees
Keep records of attendance and more
Manage training budget
Conduct an evaluation to identify areas of improvement
Monitor employee performance and response to training

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