Underwriting Governance and Controls Lead (m/f)

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Flexible Work Schedule

What will your essential responsibilities include?

1/ technical reviews

- Build with GUM and the product experts a yearly plan for technical reviews depending on products and Country, using a range of ad-hoc Products experts reviews, local self-reviews or automatic checks based on data from the system.

- Make sure reviews are done according to plan during the year and standardized reports are issued with business sign off, containing recommendations and due dates (action plan)

- Follow-up on the results of each technical review and subsequent action plan with experts and local team. Make sure actions are delivered within due dates.

- Identify with GUM and products experts the critical issues in terms of governance and risks ; feed-back information if necessary in order to test and further develop appropriate solutions.

- In accordance with GUM and products experts, propose improvements in governance and processes whilst trying to leverage solutions from other products/countries and develop synergies.

2/ Delegated Underwriting Authorities

New DUAs :

- Agree with GUM a process for each new DUA initiative with a clear list of checks where experts in various fields give their approval/recommendations for the new DUA to finally be presented to DGC : business rationale, business plan, products specifications, wording, bordereaux, fit and proper, pricing, systems/technology, legal check, compliance with customer products regulations, etc . Guide the business through this process for each new DUA opportunity all the way until DGC approval.

- In collaboration with GUM, build a simple DGC referral form summarizing the outcome of the checks for each new DUA submission.

In-Force DUAs :

- Agree with GUM and products experts a performance monitoring process (PMP) for each in-force DUA.

- Build with the products experts a yearly PMP of DUAs to be done by local entities.

- Follow-up on the results of PMP DUA reviews with GUM and products experts.

3/ Actively participate in discussions with Internal Audit and DOL action point activities in order to design solutions to identified issues and represent GUM

- Leverage solutions used in other activities if possible

- Identify problems that are global in nature and work to design scalable solutions

- Report the problems that have a high potential impact and lead the development of solutions and targeted reviews to measure the success of the efforts undertaken to remedy them

4/ Support the products in the development and maintenance of the Underwriting governance structure

- Work on various governance projects, including the development and revision of minimum standards and best practices such as Rules & Guidelines (R&G) structures, R&G maintenance and implementation, Underwriting Authorities structures within Products and countries.

- Agree each year with GUM and Product heads the Underwriting Authorities structures for each product/country throughout the BU.

- Follow-up each year with GUM and products experts the timely communication of Underwriting Authorities throughout products/countries.

- Collect and centralize feed-back from stakeholders to make sure Underwriting Authorities structure enables local empowerment/simplicity whilst keeping the most critical commitments at higher levels.

5/ Cross-check as to the accurate and timely execution of ESS services provided to underwriters since these services directly impact UWs efforts and measured performance. Investigate and understand ESS controls and SLA’s already in place, (between ESS and Underwriting). Ensure that current underwriting governance is not negatively impacted or influenced by areas out of underwriting control.

You will report to the Head of Strategic Underwriting Operations

We’re looking for someone who has these abilities and skills:

- Very structured person, building and maintaining dashboards which will become references in the BU governance routine.

- Good communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively with management, products BU experts and GUM in a matrix environment.

- Ability to organize oneself effectively in one's work by setting objectives / goals and scheduling activities and allotted time, devoting available time and energy to dealing with big questions and critical problems

- Simplify what is complex. Ability to identify problems, recognizing essential information, making the connection between various information, going as far as possible to the causes of problems, obtaining relevant data, seeking solutions.

- Strong business acumen and good knowledge of insurance underwriting and market dynamics

- Extract important information from oral exchanges, primarily but not exclusively by internal staff and clients, by questioning and exploring, asking for clarification and recording responses.

AXA XL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Location: IE-L-Dublin

Job Field: Underwriting Support

Schedule: Full-time

Job Type: Standard

Job Level:

Underwriting Governance and Controls Lead (m/f)

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