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Introduction about the Business_1
Phosphates business is shifting from regular to specialty and blends; from products to applications. Sulphites business is facing tough competition from China in the lower end and from European manufacturers in the premium segments. The Peroxide business has disadvantage of being a small size plant with its high cost of production compared to other major producer in Thailand. Thai Baht and other relevant currencies has fluctuated vis-à-vis US$ adversely affecting the export and profitability of these units significantly. The Chlor Alkali division was originally setup in 1998 under the name of “Thai Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd.” The technology for ECH by chlorination of propylene was sourced from Stork Comprimo, Belgium. The initial capacity of the ECH plant was 10,000 MTPA whereas the current capacity is 15,000 MTPA. The original caustic plant uses mono-polar membrane technology from Asahi Glass Co. In 2006, name of the company was changed to Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd and all the 4 units under the company operate as profit center divisions. In 2006, the unit expanded its Caustic Plant capacity by 50% by installing bi-polar membrane technology from UHDE, Germany. The current capacity of the Caustic plant is 82,800 MTPA. All the products of the unit are highly hazardous and corrosive in nature which calls for higher focus on safety in operations. With 20 years in service, many parts of the plant need to be replaced in planned manner to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations.  



Supporting Actions

(A) Treasury & Finance :

1. To ensure optimal fund management so as to reduce the finance cost.

2. To prevent loss due to fluctuation in different foreign currencies

3. To ensure hedging of raw material where ever applicable

·          Plans and reviews for the units’ working capital (including cash) requirements

·          Plans and monitors to ensure that there are no unutilized funds lying in bank accounts

·          Coordinates with Corporate Finance Cell (CFD) and Central Cell for finance related matters

·          Maintains good relationship with Bankers

·          Plans and reviews foreign exchange risk coverage policy to ensure minimization of currency fluctuation risk

(B) Strategic Finance   :

4. Assist & provide strategic input to Unit Head in strategic decisions for sustainable growth of the units

5. To evaluate Capital Expenditure proposals to ensure effective utilization of resources

·          Provides strategic & analytical inputs to Unit Head

·          Evaluates identified opportunities for M&As & recommend suitability to the Unit Head.

·          Economic assessment of acquisitions, new projects

·          Participates in Business Strategy Review meetings with BRC

·          Implement actions to complete of M&A activities after decision is made.

·          Examines financial viability of the Capex proposals and expansion plans

·          Submits the same with recommendations to the Unit Head / Business Head

(C) Accounts, MIS & Budgetary Controls :

6. To ensure timely audit of accounts (statutory and management audits) to comply with the Civil & Commercial Code, the Revenue Code and other commercial laws

·          Follows a preset calendar for the audits

·          Discusses the observations of the auditors with them

·          Brings in necessary amendments / changes to meet the audit requirements

7. To ensure timely submission of MIS and analysis reports to the Unit Head, Business Head and other Corporate cells for effective Management control

·          Plans and schedules the activities of the Department

·          Analyzes the reports


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