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At RevoU, we are on a mission to transform the state of higher education in Southeast Asia, and together with it, the lives of millions of people.

We are building a more effective alternative to traditional universities and vocational schools, rethinking how education should serve both students and employers' needs in Indonesia's booming digital economy.

Working hand in with industry leaders, top companies and learning scientists we develop together the most effective programs to deliver the learning that today's job market needs. We obsess about our students' success and are relentlessly driven by unlocking each of our student's full potential, regardless of their background.

In the short span of two years we have already helped hundreds of students transform their careers, with thousands more waiting to start their journey with us in the upcoming months.

If you are looking to have a real impact on people's lives by giving them the education needed to change their professional lives for the better, we might have a role for you!

Based wherever you will want to be (we are a fully distributed company!), you will be working directly with the CEO and Founder to support the fast scaling of our organisation from a financial perspective (both strategic and operational).

You will be expected to work across an almost infinite breadth of topics, alternating the highest strategic thinking to operational excellence in your day to day. All of this while building new processes and teams from scratch.

More specifically you will be expected to:

From a strategic level:

  • Design scalable tracking systems and frameworks to analyse the performance of specific areas of our business, including unit economics of specific products and customer segments. This will include building financial & business dashboards for senior management & investors to consult on an on-demand basis
  • Work hand in hand with our C-Level team to build our yearly business plan and improve our financial forecast abilities
  • Develop new financing schemes to further grow our addressable market, by working closely with our existing financing partners. This will include also developing new partnerships with other financing partners
  • Support our Founder and C-Level team on any fundraising activity and investors relationship
  • Support our Senior Management and People Operations team in developing compensation, incentivies and stock option plans for our employees

From an operational level

  • Oversee the entire spectrum of our accounting operations, including the possibility of bringing our whole accounting function in-house (vs. outsourcing)
  • Oversee our monthly and annual tax filing and regulatory compliance
  • Become the “voice of truth” when it comes to internal metrics shared to the senior management. Build processes to validate all the internal metrics reported by each teams across departments
  • Manage an initial team of two and further grow it based on our needs

Requirements (aka 'what you bring to the table')

What would the best profile look

  • Impressive analytical skills: not the usual “good enough analytical skills”, more like proper Goldman Sachs' / McKinsey standards of analytical thinking
  • Highest standards: impeccable attention to details and high standards approach to your work. You can read more here on what we mean by having a culture of high standards. We also embrace the leading by example approach to management and therefore require especially our senior management to keep raising the bar when it comes to output quality and standards
  • Business savviness: the only way for you to excel at the job is if you are able to understand our business truly inside-out. This includes our high level strategic decision making process, the competitive arena we are in, the industry dynamics and, at a more micro level, how each function and teams impact each other. We expect you to be able to add value in pretty much all of our VP and C-Level discussions
  • Highly structured and process driven, with the ability of keeping the big picture in mind: the scope of work will be very broad and you will need to prioritize what is important and optimize for it (80:20 rule).
  • Highest level of integrity and trustworthiness: you will have access by definition to all of our data & information and will be trusted in making decisions which could have huge impacts on the company growth trajectory
  • Ability to get sh*t done: You will enjoy delegating tasks to your teams of 30-50+ people in a few years. For now, and especially at the beginning you will need to get your hands extremely dirty and get sh*t done, at a very high level of intensity and quality. Owning the entire processes from start to finish.
  • Passionate about education and obsessed about seeing our students succeeding: we are building a culture of people obsessively passionate about our mission and the impact we can have on the lives of millions of people. Hiring people with the same degree of genuine drive, makes everything much easier (and more fun)
  • (bonus skill) Pre-existing accounting and ID tax regulations know-how: you will be supported by experts on both topics so it's by no means mandatory to have worked in an accounting firm or have in-depth local tax knowledge. But since you will be overseeing such activities you need to prove us your predisposition to learn very fast and work synergistically with external subject-matter experts

In terms of prior work experience, we are mainly looking for people who have previously worked:

  • At startups of comparable size and have a track record of having built frameworks/processes/teams. Not necessarily on a VP position but definitely with some degree of seniority, having handled a few of the responsibilities mentioned above
  • A few years in Investment banking or top consulting firms (McK, BCG, Bain)

Lastly, we have a strong bias for hiring more junior people who can “punch above their weight class”.


Our first promise - the ride of a lifetime

You will be joining the company in its most exciting phase, where things will move and change at a crazy pace and where the impact you will have on the overall business trajectory will be huge. You will witness the rapid scaling of our organization from 80 of us (we were only 10 of us just one year ago!!) to hundreds of incredibly talented and diverse people in the months and years to come.

Our company growth will mean much faster career growth than other companies of similar size. Our most talented junior employees who joined us 1 year ago, are for example now in charge of entire teams, working on some of the most exciting strategic and operational topics within the education industry.

The second promise - a good place to work

We are building a company that takes the growth of its employees on the same level as that of its students. It's our mandate to make every one of our employees perform at the maximum of their capacity so that they can do here, at RevoU, the very best work of their lives. In practical terms:

  • we deeply value employee appreciation and we are going the extra mile to make everyone's work feel appreciated and valuable
  • we are creating a culture of transparency and radical, caring feedback. That is, of radical candor, keep a zero-tolerance for bad management, making coaching and mentoring one of our fundamental value, not only towards our students but also towards our employees. For a more in-depth view of the type of organization we are building, you can read some of our Founder's thoughts on these topics
  • this translates into record- high employee satisfaction (our monthly eNPS hovers on the 70-80 range), very low employees turnover and a disproportionate share of new hires coming from our employees referrals

The third promise – you will feel proud about your work

We believe that finding a fulfilling career should be among the most important priorities in one's life and that today's job market offers endless opportunities to change the lives of many, for the better. You will play a fundamental role in making this possible.

And nothing will beat the sense of accomplishment once you will see that happening. Especially once you see that happening at scale.

You can see the impact we had on some of our students by reading some of their reviews


These are 3 most important promises we are making to you.

If you are looking for typical ‘startup' benefits: flexible and remote working environment (fyi - only 50% of our staff live in Jakarta), an attractive package, premium health insurance, etc => we are offering you all these benefits as well

But don't join us for these, join us first and foremost for the 3 reasons above.

VP Finance & Business Analytics

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