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How Many Hours is a Part-Time Job?

Employees who work fewer hours per week than an employee who is considered full-time (generally between 20-29 hours) are considered part-time, but those hours can vary depending on the position, company and agreement. Part-time work can be a great option for folks who want or need greater flexibility with their job, leaving more time for […]

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12 Jobs That Will (Probably) Never Get Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the way people do business. Automation has streamlined business processes and improved customer experience. Unfortunately, this often comes at the cost of jobs all across America and the rest of the world. In fact, people often wonder if there are any remaining jobs that AI can’t replace. Fortune magazine estimates […]

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Mobile job hunting on the up in Asia

Once upon a time, mobile phones were only used to make calls, send things called SMS messages, but the times they are a changing. Today, mobile gaming and chatting has been taken to unprecedented levels and so too has job searching. One out of three job seekers in Asia now uses his mobile device to […]

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