Finding A Job

graphic of men and women representing different kinds of jobs
How Many Hours is a Part-Time Job?

Employees who work fewer hours per week than an employee who is considered full-time (generally between 20-29 hours) are considered part-time, but those hours can vary depending on the position, company and agreement. Part-time work can be a great option for folks who want or need greater flexibility with their job, leaving more time for […]

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12 Jobs That Will (Probably) Never Get Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the way people do business. Automation has streamlined business processes and improved customer experience. Unfortunately, this often comes at the cost of jobs all across America and the rest of the world. In fact, people often wonder if there are any remaining jobs that AI can’t replace. Fortune magazine estimates […]

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Mobile job hunting on the up in Asia

Once upon a time, mobile phones were only used to make calls, send things called SMS messages, but the times they are a changing. Today, mobile gaming and chatting has been taken to unprecedented levels and so too has job searching. One out of three job seekers in Asia now uses his mobile device to […]

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What to Wear to a Virtual Job Interview

With an uprising in lounge and leisurewear due to many people forced to quarantine and work from home, you may be wondering what to wear for a virtual interview. Even when an interview takes place from a remote location like your house, you should expect it to be just as formal as one that would […]

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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting A Management Position

So, it has finally happened. You’ve been invited to a job interview for the managerial position you’ve had your eye on for years. After you congratulate yourself, you will need to think long and hard about the position you may be assuming. Managers and supervisors are held to a higher standard than other workers, so […]

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How To Improve Your Soft Skills To Succeed in Any Workplace

Lifelong learning is an important part of remaining not just employable but also promotable. Most people who know this tend to focus on improving the hard skills they need for their jobs. For instance, a software developer may try to learn a new programming language. While this is important, you should focus on how to improve soft […]

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Resumes & Cover letters

graphic of the most important thing to include in your resume
What is the Most Important Thing on a Resume?

Your resume is a powerful marketing tool but can feel intimidating to create as this single document is the initial deciding factor of whether or not you have a shot at the new job you’ve been eyeing. Apply for a job that matches the skills you have and keep in mind the four main things […]

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graphic of a man holding his hand up gesturing no
How to Graciously Decline a Job Offer

Sometimes a job offer just isn’t the right fit, even though you applied for the role hoping it would be. Turning down an offer can feel like a difficult and delicate task, but when done well, it will enable you to move on to the correct job and keep your professional network intact. If you’re […]

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8 Highly Successful People that Changed Careers at Age 35

8 Highly-Successful People Who Changed Careers in Their 30s If you are in your 30s and thinking “I need a career change but don’t know what to do” then you aren’t alone. It is surprisingly common for people in the fourth decade of their lives to worry about their futures. At this age, you may […]

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Working From Home

graphic of a woman with a standing desk and ball chair
How to Stay in Shape While Working a Desk Job

Today’s working world can make it difficult to stay healthy when many of us find ourselves tethered to our desks for at least 8 hours a day. Then add the time we spend sitting after work relaxing and our lives can quickly become rather sedentary. Since the reality is that you probably can’t quit your […]

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graphic of a man working from a home desk
What is a Remote Job?

Remote work simply means working a job from anywhere other than a traditional office setting- that could mean traveling to a cafe or a coworking space or logging in at home which doesn’t require any kind of commute. Work is going to be a lot different in the post-pandemic world, and being able to work […]

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6 Tips to be Effective at Working Remotely

Remote work is a major workplace trend. The freedom to work from your home, a coffee shop or a beach chair appeals to many workers. Unfortunately, many individuals also struggle to keep a work/life balance and remain productive while on the clock. Whether you’re just getting started as a remote worker or you’re a seasoned […]

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