How Long Does a Job Interview Take?

  • Posted by Nicole Adams

Although it depends on the position and setting, a job interview typically lasts between 45 minutes to one hour. While you may be tempted to think the longer the interview lasts, the better, it’s not always the case. We’ll share with you some tips to get the best out of your experience and what to expect after the actual interview. 

How Long Do Job Interviews Usually Last?

The average length of an interview can be 15 minutes to several hours and varies based on the type of interview, what stage of the interviewing process you’re in, the industry or type of position you’re interviewing for and the personal preferences of the hiring manager. Generally speaking, the more time you spend with the interview, the better chances are of you both getting to know one another, so unless you’ve already been acquainted, 45-60 minutes is usually enough to establish a connection. 

Phone and video interviews historically were done as pre-screening steps and generally are shorter 30-45 minutes, but with changes in technology and a global pandemic, many interviews are now being held digitally. Group interviews, which are also sometimes utilized as a screening process, give a hiring manager an idea of how the candidate responds in a group setting and are usually longer because there are more people involved. Group interviews are also a way to introduce a candidate to a group within the company and are now also being held digitally. 

In-person interviews are still the most sought after because it gives so much more information to both parties being able to pick up on body language and energy that’s often missed digitally. An entry-level interview usually lasts 45-90 minutes, while a technical or higher level one may last longer. Sometimes there are also multiple rounds of interviews, too, typically the second one is shorter since it’s already been determined you’re a good fit for the position and might instead focus on things like salary, benefits and work hours. 

What to Expect During and After an Interview

Employers want to know three things: are you able to do the job, are you likely to enjoy it and stay long-term, and also do you actually want the job. Because it’s not only a matter of skill, a hiring manager’s focus will also be your goals, personality, interests, etc. In addition to how you’ve chosen to dress for the occasion, employers will look for confidence and self-esteem, in addition to friendliness, and appropriate eye contact goes a long way towards showing that.

In addition to non-verbal cues like posture and eye contact, remember to smile and have a positive, friendly and full of confidence tone in your voice. If the opportunity arises, give a firm handshake with greeting or goodbye. Remember that everything from the way you look to where you look are being noted, so do your best to be mindful of all the little nuances. 

After your interview be sure to follow up and thank your interviewer for the time and effort they invested in the interview. You may also ask when you might expect to hear a decision, but don’t come on too strong or your excitement could be misconstrued. Practice patience and know that it could be a few weeks before a decision is made. In the meantime you can continue your job search and keep the momentum going. 

If you haven’t heard back from a potential employer or are waiting for an interview, it’s best to keep looking. Whether you’re looking for a remote, hybrid, or flexible job be sure to browse our database which is updated with new opportunities daily.